SIX of the best value items to pick up from Dollar Tree this holiday season range from kitchen goods to toys – and they’re all under $5.

Dollar Tree is a perfect spot for everything from groceries to miscellaneous lifestyle goods.


Dollar Tree has everything from home goods to toys and clothes to help make your holiday season affordably bright[/caption]

This winter, Dollar Tree has your holiday season needs covered, Yahoo! Finance reported.

Not only does this value store have deals on holiday wrapping paper, Voila Solid & Patterned All Occasion Wrapping Paper has gift adornment for every occasion at just $1.25.

The other kind of necessary paper – paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins – is also an incredible value at Dollar Tree.

A two-pack of Ultra Harmony Double Paper Towel Rolls is currently on the shelves for $3, while a six-pack of Harmony Giant Paper Towel Rolls is merely $5, according to Yahoo! Finance.



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Leveling up your cooking and baking doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.

Cooking Concepts Assorted Stainless Steel Mini Mixing Bowls are perfect for putting together any recipe and are running at $1.25 each at Dollar Tree just in time for baking holiday goods.

For baking and cooking huge holiday meals, Rectangular-Shaped Baking Pans with Covers are just $5 a piece and will house everything from your best casserole to your favorite brownies.

‘Tis the season for holiday cocktails, and Home Store Stacking Ice Cube Trays come in a two-pack to keep your drinks cool while you keep your toes warm.

If little ones are on your list of loved ones, get thee to a Dollar Tree.

Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and accessories, as well as Barbie-brand clothes and activities currently stock the shelves.

The creative types will love Active Play and Craft Kids, and adults can enjoy them too!

Dollar Tree even has its own blog, with ideas like DIY Glittery Critter Craft for Kids, Yahoo! Finance said.


Nothing warms the soul like a good soup.

Anybody who doesn’t have the time for making an entire soup recipe can enjoy Healthy  Healthy Choice Chicken with Rice Soup at the reasonable price of $1.25 a can.

Need something to put your soup in? For the price of a can of soup, you can pick up a Royal Norfolk Ceramic Soup Mug from Dollar Tree, perfect for having a personal moment with a steaming bowl of goodness.

While it may be tempting to just your soup into the microwave, the discount store has your back once again, offering the perfect heating pan via their Non-Stick Metal Saucepans with Glass Lids.


It can be crazy easy for kids to lose the extra clothing layers that help them keep warm from the harsh winter air.

Dollar Tree has very nice replacements, like Kids Bold Fashion Low Cut Socks at $1.25 for a three-pair pack, when the lost dryer sock turns into lost dryer socks.

For warming tiny ears and cold heads, Junture’s Kids’ Fleece-Lined Knit Hats are the same price and come in an array of awesome colors.


The influx of stuff that comes into homes during the holiday season can make a mockery of your previous organization’s plans.

Instead of opting for pricey or fancy options from places like The Container Store, pick up some storage goods at Dollar Tree!

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The discount hub has storage bins, boxes, and containers that allow for affordable organization.

Clear Plastic Storage Bins with Clip-Lock Lids are $3, but the other storage options are the more dollar-friendly price of $1.25.

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