ANYTHING you can think off – a facial reaction or an object – there is an emoji made for it and it doesn’t always carry the simple meaning of representing simply what it is.

Let’s take the fire emoji for example, while it can represent fire, this emoji has many hidden meanings that we will tell you all about.

The fire emoji is sometimes used to flirt

What does the fire emoji mean?

The fire emoji can carry many meanings, however, it always refers to something positive.

It can mean that something is literally on fire or maybe the weather is too hot and you want to express how the sun is burning you up.

But the most common meaning is that someone is good-looking and attractive.

It also stands for something cool, awesome, exciting or as youngsters say, “lit.”

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If you want to refer to something or someone sexy, you might want to use the fire emoji too.

How to use the fire emoji

If you use Snapchat and you snap someone regularly, you might have seen the fire emoji show up next to their name along with a number.

The fire emoji is used to show that you started a snap streak with someone who you message back and forth over the social media app.

You can also use it to show that you’re visiting a hot country and add it to the caption with your holiday pics.

When you want to comment on someone’s picture and tell them how good and fierce they look, you can also use the fire emoji to make even more of a statement.

However, it doesn’t only describe good-looking people.

You can use it to emphasise how good a movie or a book or a music album or anything else is.

In sports, you might tend to see people post how for example their country is on fire because it is performing well at a football tournament.

Leicester City fans surely used this emoji many times when they won the Premier League back in 2016, chanting their heart out, “Vardy is on fire, your defence is terrified.”

Is the fire emoji used for flirting?

Indeed it is.

The fire emoji can represent a fling or a flame between two people and that is why many use it in a dating context or to flirt.

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In fact, the flame is also used to as Tinder’s social media icon.

It is a pink or white flame which represents the flame inside a human body and the fact that when we see someone who we think is good-looking, we tend to call them “hot.”

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