A USEFUL hack shared by a TikTok account shows a more straightforward way of interacting with your Android phone. 

The video was shared by the verified account TA Tech Tricks and shows how to access your phone’s menu more efficiently with one simple trick. 


The account TA Tech Tips frequently shares Android hacks that make the lives of users easier[/caption]


The video shows the creator performing the hack and explaining how it works[/caption]

The video is short and shows the video’s creator speaking to the camera and showing off the Android hack. 

“If you’re an Android user, do you know how much power you hold in these two fingers?” he says, showing off his index and middle finger. 

He then demonstrates the trick. 

“So if you’re currently using one finger to swipe down and get to this menu and then swiping down again, try two fingers,” he said. 



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Android devices traditionally require two swipes to access the full menu. 

By using two fingers, you eliminate a full step. 

“Two fingers from the top, swipe down: the whole menu,” he says, showing off how efficiently the trick works. 

The account TA Tech Trips has over a million followers and posts useful content for all sorts of Android users. 

All of their videos provide useful hacks, ranging from hacks that apply to all Android devices, like preventing ads from popping up on various websites, and more efficient use of WhatsApp.

The account also features hacks from some of Android’s most popular types of phones, like Samsung

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Hacks include adding more RAM storage to your Samsung devices and clearing the device’s cache. 

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