A WOMAN has shared some of the most surprising things she learned about Hooters during the application process to be a Hooters Girl.

She admitted online that there were so many things about the dining company she didn’t know about aside from looking spectacular at all times at work.


TikTok user Alexis just applied to Hooters and learned so many new things[/caption]


Alexis says there are so many other things Hooters Girls have to do aside from serving[/caption]

TikTok creator Alexis, known as @rlexisaae on the platform, gave some behind-the-scenes details concerning the hiring process at the global restaurant company, Hooters.

She details the step-by-step tasks she takes to get closer and closer to receiving the job

In the video, the content creator also explains some unexpected parts of working at the dining establishment that she did not know about.

There’s a lot more required of Hooters Girls than serving customers and wearing tiny shorts.



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“So, I had my first interview yesterday and they just asked me questions and kinda got to know me and then told me to come back today to try on the outfit,” she says as she sits in her car.

Alexis suggests to her viewers to continue following along with her videos as she navigates the job application journey at Hooters.

The content creator then tells viewers about the required community service employees must do as part of their employment.

“So, fun fact about working at Hooters that I did not know personally is that if you get hired on, you’re not just going to be serving food to people,” she explains. “You are also required to help out in the community and do community events.

Alexis even offers some career advice for people interested in working at the restaurant.

“In conclusion, if you dislike wearing makeup and you dislike talking to people and interacting with people, I definitely would not recommend applying,” she states.

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The blonde woman also admitted in the video that if she gets hired she has to invest in an extra small top and extra small uniform shorts from the brand, and shared some other strict rules.

“So, if you get hired at Hooters, you cannot have any tattoos that are offensive, have profanity or nudity in them,” she says as the video comes to a close.


According to Alexis, Hooters employees are also required to do community service[/caption]


Alexis showed viewers how she looked trying on the statement uniform in the video[/caption]

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