A WOMAN joked that she was actually a “catfish” and “didn’t look like that” when she wasn’t out and about.

Stunning TikToker Alyssa shared her full transformation as she took part in the “catfish challenge”.


Stunning influencer Alyssa joked that she was a ‘catfish’[/caption]


The pretty influencer joked that she didn’t really look like her glam pictures[/caption]


She then showed herself without the glam look[/caption]

The influencer showed a picture and video of herself all glammed up before showing herself in a more relaxed look and there was a big difference.

In the clip, which has now amassed almost 200k likes on TikTok and more than 500 comments, the influencer showed the transformation.

At the start of the video the influencer took part in the “catfish challenge” by showing a picture of herself looking stunning.

In the glam shot she had flowers in her hair and flawless skin.

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Next up the TikToker cut to a video of herself, again looking stunning with smooth skin and natural make-up.

She had a small amount of black eyeliner over her eyes and her plump lips had a pink hue.

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In the final frame of the social media challenge, Alyssa showed herself as she was in that moment.

She was sitting on her bed with her hair brushed but unstyled, no make-up on and wearing her glasses.

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the transformation.

One person said: “Everybody out here having there glow up and i’m still here having my glow down.”

Another said: “This is me to be honest.”

A third said: “This is me but for my hair, my hair reshapes my face so well…..then I pull all my hair back x3 is like God hitting the reset button.”

While another said: “HAHA me too me too.”

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