TEEN Mom fans have expressed their concern after Jenelle Evans’ daughter Ensley showed off her new toy.

Jenelle‘s husband David Eason took to Instagram on Sunday and posted a photo of the five-year-old sitting on her new dirt bike.

Instagram/David Eason

Teen Mom fans have expressed their concern after Jenelle Evans’ daughter Ensley showed off her new dirt bike[/caption]


The reality TV star posing for a selfie with her five-year-old daughter Ensley[/caption]

Ensley was dressed in blue jeans, a pink puffer coat and yellow rain boots and also wore a black and pink safety helmet as she posed for the camera.

David captioned the photo: “My girl,” alongside a black heart, but some fans were left fearing for his daughter’s safety.

When one fan posted the picture on Reddit, others quickly commented on the thread.

“Poor Ensley needs proper riding boots, one bad crash and she could seriously injure her feet. Of course Janelle and David are too stupid to realize that,” one person claimed.



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Another wrote: “I think that bike is too big for her , she’s only 6 yes old. Looks dangerous.”

A third person commented: “The boots are going to make that kid crash and get hurt.”

Someone else alleged: “All these kids on dirt bikes, free range dogs and not a safe adult in sight.”

Another fan had a lot to say about Jenelle’s TikTok in which she revealed the moment she and David presented Ensley with her new dirt bike.

At one point in the video, Ensley is seen crying as she prepares to get on the bike for the first time.

One person commented on the thread: “Before I watched this, I thought that Ensley was too young for a dirt bike. Her crying tells me she knows it too. I really hope nothing bad happens to her. She’s an innocent child. Sad!”

Someone else wrote: “Idk. Jenelle always misses the mark.. Even when she’s trying to create cute kid centric content.”

And a third person speculated: “Those tears really made me wonder if she had already had a little crash on the first ride, which of course Jenelle would edit out.”

However, other Reddit users praised Jenelle for the “cute” content.

“This is the most normal I’ve seen them as a family…and yes, the kids are cute,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Probably her best TikTok yet! Absolutely adorable!”

And a third person added: “My feelings on jenelle and David and dirt bikes/motorcycles aside… this is really sweet.”

Instagram/ Jenelle Evans

Jenelle often shares glimpses of her family life with fans and followers on social media[/caption]


The mom-of-three shared a TikTok video of the moment they surprised Ensley with the bike[/caption]

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle with her husband David and her three children Jace, Kaiser and Ensley[/caption]

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