NO ONE likes cleaning the toilet, but annoying it’s just one of those things that need to be done.

That said, that doesn’t mean you have to spend ages bleaching and scrubbing your loo to get it sparkling clean.


There’s a better way to clean your loo than with bleach[/caption]

The Pink Stuff is a real winner for Mrs Hinch fans

In fact, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch recently shared how to get rid of grim yellow stains without reaching for the bleach.

Posting on Facebook, one keen cleaner wrote: “How do you get rid of yellow stains off of a white plastic toilet seat?”

It turns out The Pink Stuff is the go-to product for loads of people, and they say it works like a charm.

“The Pink Stuff Paste brings it straight off with no need to scrub,” one person recommended.



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Another Hinch fan revealed that the handy paste got rid of stubborn stains on her loo “instantly”.

“Try a tub of Pink Stuff Paste. It works wonders on the plastic of my pvc window ledges,” someone else commented.

The Pink Stuff can be picked up in shops like Wilko for as little as £1.50, making it a bargain buy as well.

One cleaning fan said it was ‘magic’, they wrote: “Use Pink Stuff Paste. I have no clue what’s in it but it’s magic for sure.”

Loads of people said it works better than bleach too.

“Don’t use bleach. That’s what made it yellow in the first place,” someone quipped.

A second agreed: “Bleach just oxidises, it doesn’t actually get rid of the stains. I favour Cif but it has to be cleaned regularly.”

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