A DOLLAR Tree superfan has revealed the store’s top five entrées that will allow you to do Thanksgiving on a budget.

The Tik Tok user says the dishes are an alternative to the traditional turkey or ham at a time of rising living costs.


A Tik Toker has shared five tasty and affordable Thanksgiving entrees[/caption]

Chicken a la king is enough to feed four people
The salmon with garlic butter is perfect for sea food lovers

“These are my five favorite dollar tree entrees as far as taste and presentation goes and would be an excellent Thanksgiving dinner,” said @dollartree dinners.

First up is skillet chicken a la king “a six dollar and twenty-five cent to feed four people and it’s very similar to a chicken pot pie”.

Next from Dollar Tree are Swedish style meatballs which costs $7.50 which also feeds four and also “makes great left overs if there’s just two of you”.

Then there’s the $10 KFC Famous Bowls that with mashed potatoes and corn “includes a lot of similar flavors to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner”.



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At number four is a “lazy lasagne” which costs just $5 for four people which you can bulk out with garlic bread and vegetables on the side.

Last but not least is garlic butter salmon with asparagus and mashed potatoes which will set you back just $8.75 and is “perfect for sea food lovers”.

She’s not the only person who has found you can make healthy and hearty meals from Dollar Tree.

Alanya Williams, who goes by @thundermane328 on TikTok, regularly shares Dollar Tree meals on his social media page, walking his followers through each step on how to make them. 

In an October video, the TikToker presented a country-style dinner that cost him only $6.25 in a three minute video.

Williams takes the camera through Hungry Jack Country Buttered Mashed Potatoes, Koch Foods Fully Cooked Chicken Patties, Enticingly Easy Cheesy Garlic Biscuit Mix, TJ Farms Mixed Vegetables, and a bottle of Arizona Sweet Tea. 

It comes DIY pro has shared how Thanksgiving hosts don’t have to break the bank put the finishing touches on their family feasts – because affordable items can be found at Dollar Tree for $1.25.

Christinia Renee runs the TikTok channel diysbychristiniarenee, where she mainly focuses on DIY home tutorial projects around the house.

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Her 95,000-follower channel also includes shopping hauls from stores including Dollar Tree.

And in her latest video, she went over some of the best Thanksgiving finds at the store.


Swedish meatballs are great for leftovers if there’s two of you[/caption]


‘Lazy lasagne’ can be bulked out with garlic bread and vegetables[/caption]

KFC Famous Bowls has similar flavors to Thanksgiving dinners

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