SISTER Wives fans have slammed Kody Brown for having an “inappropriate” chat with Mykelti about her mom Christine.

The star sat his daughter down with Robyn Brown and proceeded to fish for information about his wife’s decision to leave him.

During Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, fans saw Christine preparing to move away from Arizona to start fresh in Utah following her split from Kody, 53.

Her daughter Mykelti and her husband Tony came to town to help her move and stopped to visit Kody and Robyn while they were there.

The couple sat down with Robyn and Kody despite Christine’s strained relationship with her sister wife and her breakup with Kody.

Not long after their conversation began, it became clear Kody was looking for answers, as he pried: “How long have you guys known?”

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Mykelti appeared uncomfortable but responded anyway, saying: “Like, known actually? It’s been….”

She paused and looked to Tony before continuing on: “She’s been talking about it.

“She’s been talking about it in for while but I think most of what she’s been talking about is what anyone talks about in a relationship: the ups and the downs. The highs and the lows.”

Kody kept his cool during t he conversation, but in a confessional admitted that he was angry.

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