A FRUGAL food lover has revealed that all of the ingredients you need to make a delicious Thanksgiving feast can be found in the 99cent store.

One TikToker has shown the best dollar store deals that could save your holiday if you’re on a budget this season.


The 99 Cents Store has all of the Thanksgiving dinner goodies at their famously low prices[/caption]


Janelle Rohner revealed the store has all the fixings to make a pie, sweet potato or green bean casserole, and even Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider[/caption]

“If you’re on a budget this year and you’re stressed out, I got you,” Janelle Rohner, @janellerohner, started her video.

First, as a holiday classic, Rohner recommends picking up potatoes from the 99 Cents Only Store.

The video features boxed mashed potato mix for $2.99.

“Or you can just buy the 10lb bag,” Rohner said.



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Ten pounds of potatoes are going for $4.99 at most 99 Cents Only Stores.

Another Thanksgiving essential is turkey gravy.

Rohner suggested picking up Campbell’s Turkey Gravy at just $1.29 a can.

There are also packets of McCormick Turkey Gravy for anybody who prefers making this savory sauce from a mix.

For anybody inclined to make green bean casserole, the canned green beans are just a dollar a can, and the cream of mushroom soup from Campbell’s also goes for a dollar and some change.

Delicious canned cranberry goes for just $1.99 at this dollar store, according to the TikToker.

Also, for just $1.99 you can get cans of sweet potatoes for sweet potato casserole or pie.

“You can even make a pie,” Rohner said of the ingredients stocked in the discount store.

“We’ve got apple and a little pie crust.”

A classic delight for just $2.99 a bottle was Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.

While turkey is the traditional main dish of the Thanksgiving holiday, Rohner had a budget-conscious alternative.

“Okay, nobody panic. I know turkey is traditional. But very, very, VERY budget-friendly and easy is a rotisserie chicken at Walmart, $6.97.

“Add this to all of the sides, wham, bam, Thanksgiving on a budget.”

The comments assessed these favorable budget cuts.

“It’s so awesome you do this series. A lot of families can’t afford to go all out, but this way makes it affordable with all the main sides,” one comment read.

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Another was quick to criticize the choice of chicken over turkey, coming quickly to save the holiday tradition.

“I got a 15lb Turkey today at Winn-Dixie at 49 cents a pound for $7.05,” they suggested.

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