SELLING on Poshmark can be profitable.

Just ask Dallas native Ashley Peek who has made $275,000 in six years with her side hustle.

Poshmark seller Ashley Peek, 27, says she’s made hundreds of thousands in six years
Ashley Peek
Ashely sources some of her clothes from thrift stores or online
Ashley Peek

The 27-year-old Texas resident first took to selling on the popular resale site Poshmark as a way to save for large purchases.

She quickly realized two things: she could make some serious cash and she actually had a passion for selling.

“I have always sold my clothes at garage sales or local online yard sales since I was in middle school,” Ashley told The Sun.

“So when I got to college, I needed a new way to sell my clothes and with a simple Google search, I found Poshmark,” she added.

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The savvy seller said that in just one month, she made $20,000 in sales on Poshmark.

In any given month, she sells about 30-40 items per week or 110-150 per month.

However, Ashley does have a nine to five job.

She’s an account manager for a start-up in the health benefits sector which does take up most of her day.

Although, she still finds about 25 hours per week to commit to her Poshmark side hustle.

Her process

Sourcing material is a major part of the Poshmark process.

Ashley first started by selling her own clothes. 

But after realizing she could make more money flipping the items from thrift stores, she quickly pivoted. 

“I realized that in order to sell the items I wanted to and make the profit I wanted, I needed to seek items out myself instead of hoping to come across them thrifting,” she said.

She now sources her products from consignment stores, resale shops, and some online too.

The hustler sticks to selling clothes as it’s her passion and she has found it to be the biggest money maker for her.

“I love to sell dresses, jackets, and coats from designer brands like Alexis, Ulla Johnson, Veronica Beard, and Rag & Bone,” Ashley said.

Ashley typically has 150 orders per month

She typically spends anywhere from $30 to $100 per item but has gone up to $2,000 for a Hermes bag as she was able to turn around and sell it for $4,999.

Poshmark provides a flat rate of $7.67 for expedited shipping on all orders.

Plus, since shipping fees are paid for by the buyer, much of Ashley’s earnings are strictly profit.

Her advice for someone wanting to make more money: evaluate the sell-ability of the items you put into your closet. 

“Make sure the items you are selling are reaching a higher audience by being brands more people look for and know,” she said.

She added: “Also make sure they are styles people want by seeing their saturation and turnover. All of this market research can be done on Poshmark.”

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a digital commerce marketplace with an added social aspect as buyers and sellers can engage with each other.

The site allows consumers to buy and sell new and secondhand fashion, home goods, electronics, and more.

Poshmark has over 80million users and more than 200million available listings for customers to choose from.

How to start selling

After you’ve set up your account with the commerce site, the fun starts.

To start, check your closet, local thrift store, or even ask friends and family to donate any unwanted items for you to sell.

It’s beneficial to get as many items as you can at no cost or for very little as when you sell them, your profit will be larger.

Once you have your items, take photos of each to upload.

Just note that it’s important the images are high quality and show off the item in the most desirable way possible.

Even though buyers are purchasing second-hand products, there is still an expectation that the items they’re buying will be of good quality.

Next, you need to create a description for the product you’re selling, and the more illustrative the better.

Then you need to set your price.

Sellers can set the price at whatever amount they choose, however, Ashley said it’s smart to check the comparable sold products, also knowns as comps.

This is where you find similar products on the site and check how much they’ve sold for.

Ashley likes to set the price slightly higher than the comps just to make room for any potential deals or discounts for likers.

Once you attract a buyer and sell the item, it’s important to make sure before you package it that nothing is damaged.

Next, you print the shipping label and drop it in the mail.

Buyers will then have three days to mark the item as received, or it will be marked received automatically.

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