LITTLE People, Big World’s Matt Roloff has been adding huge exhibits to their family farm.

With the help of a construction crew, Matt has introduced an eye-catching farm installation.


Matt Roloff has been improving on the family farm[/caption]


He decided to move the pirate ship for pumpkin season[/caption]

The installation is a gigantic brown pirate ship with a red stripe on the side and a massive anchor attached.

This landlocked ship has been moved so it can be enjoyed by all of the “pumpkin season visitors” can enjoy it in a “very special way,” according to Matt.

What he plans on doing with the ship is unclear, but the LPBW star said it’s a “big surprise” that he’s “very excited about.”

In the video, Matt said: “There are some big big changes in the works here.”



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The “big” changes haven’t been announced as of this article.

He also hopes to make the farm more “attractive” to potential buyers with these changes.


Matt has spent a lot of time upgrading the farm since it was put up for sale for $4million.

As Roloff Farm prepares for the fall and pumpkin season, Matt has been sharing some of the changes on the farm.

He said: “We’re setting up a new thing to have a tent over the sandbox. We have got this place tore up – typical Matt Roloff fashion.”

There is also a plan in the works to install air guns, a food court, a country store, and a play zone at the farm.

Recently, fans have been complaining about the high farm admission that can help pay for the upgrades.


Some of the loudest complaints about the farm come directly from the Roloffs.

After Matt priced his children out of buying the farm, his son Zach slammed him for being a bad grandfather.

The feud may have led Zach and his family to leave the TLC show.

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Although Matt seemed to reach out in an effort to reconcile with his son, it didn’t seem to pull Zach back into the family.

The farm hasn’t broken up the whole family. Jacob Roloff helps his father on the farm.

Matt Roloff/Instagram

Matt put the farm up for sale and listed it at $4million[/caption]


The sale of the family farm put a rift in the Roloff family[/caption]


Matt has been accused of pricing his sons out of buying the farm[/caption]

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