A WEIRD trend is taking over TikTok, leaving users on the platform stunned as a “deepfake” depicts actor Keanu Reeves doing “ridiculous things.”

Celebrity lookalikes are common on TikTok such as users that have gone viral for looking like Ariana Grande or Margot Robbie.


A TikTok account has taken over the platform by using ‘deepfake’ technology to look like Keanu Reeves[/caption]


The account, @unreal_Keanu, has over 6million followers and the poster pretends to be Reeves and performs popular trends[/caption]

However, other TikTokers are using deepfakes to post as famous actors and one, in particular, is gaining millions of followers.

Deepfakes refer to software used to overlay an image of another person’s face onto someone else’s body and some examples are so convincing to the point it’s almost disturbing.

One user, @unreal_keanu, has raked over 6million followers by using a program to put The Matrix star’s face over his own, besting the algorithm as he ends up in people’s feeds.

And viewers can’t get enough of watching “fake Keanu” taking part in ridiculous trends, while others are convinced it’s actually Reeves.



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Some clips show “Keanu” participating in popular dances or recreating trends.

The first videos using the program looked stiff, but as unreal_keanu posts more videos, people are starting to think the account might actually belong to the actor.

“What if this is actually Keanu Reeves pretending he’s not Keanu Reeves just so he can live a normal TikTok life?” questioned one viewer on the account’s most recent video.

“I have a lot of questions,” wrote another person. “Is it really him (but then why not verified?) Is it a VERY good doppelganger? I’m confused.”

One person admitted: “I fully followed this dude thinking it was the real Keanu.”

Unfortunately, for anyone actually looking to follow Reeves on TikTok, the actor doesn’t have an account.

However, he reportedly did have one back in 2020 where he reacted to his famous roles in films such as The Matrix, John Wick and Bill and Ted.

That account has since been deleted.

Before that, Reeves has famously not been on any form of social media.

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“Privacy is important to me,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “And yeah, I don’t really have anything to say about anything!”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Reeves’ reps for comment.


Many viewers in the comments section believed the account actually belonged to the actor[/caption]


In reality, Reeves is not on any social media and is known to be a very private person[/caption]

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