KOURTNEY Kardashian and new husband Travis Barker are no strangers to extravagant public displays of their affection.

But Travis’s latest show of love may have crossed the line.


Travis Barker planted a kiss on a public poster ad featuring wife Kourtney Kardashian[/caption]


Kourtney and Travis have never been shy about showing their love in public[/caption]

On Friday, Kourtney shared a video of the Blink-182 rock star giving the reality star a kiss.

Only, it wasn’t the physical version of her, but rather, a poster of Kourtney, 43, on display outside, as an advertisement for the new season of the family’s new season of their Hulu show.

The advertisement was in a very public location, where anyone could walk by and touch it, or worse.

But according to his post, that didn’t seem to bother Travis.



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“I don’ t care dirty that is, that’s my wife,” he captioned the video.

The 46-year-old might not care, but fans in a Reddit chat room sure did – and shared their disgust.

“You will never catch me pressing my lips on anything that’s probably been touched by other people,” one person commented.

“No wonder he’s always sick. Kissing random a** surfaces like that,” another said.

“I see how he keeps getting Covid,” a third added.

While one fan stated: “Bruh that thing is probably so dirty.”


Just last month, Travis revealed he had contracted Covid, and was forced to quarantine.

This after suffering from the same disease almost exactly a year earlier.

Sharing the news on Instagram, he stated bluntly: “COVID sucks. I’d rather be playing drums.”

The drummer also dropped an angry-faced emoji with a censored label on the mouth.

Kourtney’s husband also uploaded a gloomy snapshot of himself.

He never how he contracted COVID, but the rocker was recently in Cleveland as he performed on tour with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, 32, in his hometown.


And back in June, Travis was struck down by life-threatening pancreatitis.

He was rushed to West Hills Hospital before being transferred to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, with Kourtney closely by his side.

A source exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “Travis underwent a procedure on Tuesday (June 28, 2022) after being rushed to hospital, but the family did not want to release any further details at the moment.”

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The musician revealed in an Instagram Story that a recent colonoscopy may have triggered the illness.

Despite his weakened immune system, Travis refuses to curtail his PDA with Kourtney.

Travis recently revealed he had Covid again

The couple have made no apologies for sharing their love[/caption]

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Fans have asked them to rein in their overt PDA’s[/caption]

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