WHEEL of Fortune host Pat Sajak has left a contestant and those watching at home speechless with his shocking marriage confession.

The game show host has been married to his second wife Lesly Brown since the 80s.

Friday’s show kicked off with a quick puzzle before Pat opened the floor to contestants, allowing them to introduce themselves.

He got to Wheel of Fortune competitor Patricia last, asking her about her family.

She referenced her marriage, saying: “I’ve been married 15 wonderful years to my husband Corbett.”

Pat, 75, made a shocking joke, turning to the camera as he said: “You know, I’ve been married 15 wonderful years, too.”

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He added: “And 15 out of 30 is not really too bad.”

Patricia, the audience, and viewers appeared shocked.

Pat then added: “Hope she’s not watching.”

The show moved on without much incident, despite the odd comment.

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