LIDL shoppers will be very excited to know the retail chain will be slashing prices on more than 100 products in an inflation-busting move – here is when the change goes into effect.

A discount campaign will be extended to provide a bigger net of saving for shoppers struggling with the rising cost of groceries.


Lidl has announced an expansion in its price cut program to over 100 items[/caption]

Over 100 items in all of the brand’s 170-plus stores will have their prices cut effective September 28.

The price drops will take effect throughout the fall and rotate over 100 items every day throughout the season.

Lidl’s investment in lowering prices for its customers comes as inflationary pressures have led to sharp increases in food prices for many retailers,” read a statement on the company’s website.

“We recognize that inflation and rising food prices are impacting many families and we hope to give more relief through this Fall price-cutting campaign,” said Lidl US Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Purchasing Stefan Schwarz.



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“We are committed to offering all of our customers the best value in our stores every day, and we continue to invest in additional ways for customers to save money when we know it matters most.”

This comes after a price-cut program back in June, where discounts ranged from over 10 to 13 percent for over 20 products.

This time, price cuts range from 10 to 23 percent with most around 11 percent.

Lidl has stores in nine states including Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and most recently the District of Columbia.

A list on the Lidl website showed an example of some of the price cuts on products such as pizza, lobster cases, dessert bars, whole-bean coffee, salad dressing, cookie cuts and organic bread.

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The price cuts will take effect on September 28[/caption]

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