FANS of Pinterest have shared their surprise over a hidden image in the brand logo – but not everyone agrees about what it appears to be.

One of the most creative applications to hit the worldwide web, Pinterest‘s infamous logo apparently depicts a pin and its fans were amazed by the revelation.


Many people were shocked to learn that the letter P in Pinterest apparently depicts a pin[/caption]

A recent article by Bored Panda focused on various companies’ hidden meanings and images in different logo designs. 

The article’s comment section was full of messages from fans sharing their confusion and love for Pinterest’s logo choice.

One comment said: “I always thought it was a needle and thread. Huh…”

Another comment read: “Gee, and here I thought it was stylized text.”

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Pinterest is an app designed for curators to group a bundle of photos, videos, or gifs to display on a “pinboard.”

For example, if you were to look for inspiration to design your new home, many users create pinboards for their followers to apply to their creations.

One of the app’s founders, Evan Sharp, told Bessemer Venture Partners in 2019 that they want their supporters to feel “inspired” when visiting Pinterest.

“We have an ethical responsibility to create environments that let people feel empowered, inspired, and encouraged,” he said.

Creating the logo wasn’t as easy as it may appear.

The company went under many brand designs from the inspirational app’s start.

In 2010, the company created a blue and grey monochrome design, but it quickly changed after they decided to keep the look of the site simple and minimalistic.

One year later, they came up with the iconic red color.

They added the sharp pin design and cursive font to separate their look from one of the most competitive apps also introduced in that period, Instagram.

In 2016, Pinterest kept the look straightforward by updating the font to sans-serif while keeping the pin design and dark red color.

In addition to Pinterest’s unique logo, many other brands have included hidden meanings in their creations.

The ice-cream company Baskin Robbins is known for creating 31 tasty flavors, and if you look closely, the logo features a “31” within the B&R.

Cleverly-designed logos are a vital way to make customers remember your brand.

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Amazon is another company that used its name to include a quirky symbol to represent the brand.

The logo has an arrow pointing from A-Z to show their customers that they have every item from the alphabet on their site, and the arrow also represents a smiley face.

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