A WALMART shopper shared how the company’s self-checkout scanner wrongfully accused him of stealing.

A TikToker shared surveillance footage from the incident where he proved his innocence after being accused of stealing a rotisserie chicken from Walmart.


A Walmart shopper explained how one of the store’s scanners wrongfully accused him of stealing[/caption]


The TikToker explained how a Walmart employee had to insert his code in order for him to complete his checkout[/caption]

“Walmart self-checkout thinking I’m stealing when I’m not,” the content creator angrily shouted at the beginning of his video.

“You can clearly see I scanned the chicken, but then the machine thinks I stole it. It says ‘potential missed scan,’ aka potential theft, but I didn’t steal it.”

The TikToker goes on to explain how an employee had to put his code into the scanner so that he could check out his purchase.

The latest incident comes as dozens of shoppers have shared tales of being left red-faced after making unintentional mistakes when using the scanners.

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Lawyer Tim Fleming of Alabama claimed self-checkout machines could inaccurately accuse a customer of stealing.

He suggested that shoppers may not concentrate when checking out their groceries, so they could unintentionally miss an item.

Fleming also suggested that customers may miss the beep of the machine.

He also offered top tips to customers who are wrongly accused of shoplifting.

Fleming said: “Without proof, they (staffers) cannot do anything other than detain you for a reasonable period of time.”

Shoppers should remain calm but ask for any evidence against them if they’re being quizzed.

If workers refuse to show the evidence, customers should politely ask to leave.

Fleming suggested calling the cops so they can rule on the allegations if staffers refuse to cooperate.

Dozens of shoppers have been wrongly accused of stealing from major retailers.

Between January 2021 and March 2022, more than 60 customers were arrested at a Walmart store in Tucson after accidentally forgetting to scan some items.

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Arizona counselor Sandra Barger told The U.S. Sun that customers have been charged because they “forgot to scan something very small.”

She said her clients have been forced to pay thousands in legal fees.

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