HOOTERS has been known as an establishment that boasts busty servers.

One Hooters employee reveals that she has small boobs, but utilizes one secret to make the girls look much bigger than their actual size.

Neesa Collins showed viewers what her chest looked like before applying her secret
She showed viewers what her boobs looked like after wearing the bra

Neesa Collins is a small-busted Hooters employee.

She took to TikTok to share her secret for making her humble breasts appear much more ample.

“I can’t work at Hooters my boobs are too small,” she wrote in a video.

“Watch this,” she added, after a transition showed her with much larger breasts.



I work at Hooters & have small boobs – my secret makes them look sizes larger


I was a Hooters waitress – my catfish method to make my boobs look huge

Viewers seeking a fuller chest flocked to the comment section of the video to inquire about her secret.

“HOW PLEASE HELP,” one desperate commenter begged.

“I need to know what bra that is,” another commented.

Collins appeased her audience by sharing her secret.

“Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra!!” Collins wrote in a comment. “It makes you go up 2 cup sizes!!”

Some viewers were not happy with the response, complaining that the particular style of bra is uncomfortable.

“NOOO THE BOMBSHELL BRA IS SO BAD IT FEELS SO WEIRD,” another viewer complained.

“This isn’t exactly the bombshell bra. I forgot where I bought this from (I got it over 2 years ago),” Collins replied in a comment. “But I know the bombshell bra does the same thing!”

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The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra is a cult favorite by the lingerie brand due to its push-up abilities.

Victoria’s Secret claims the bra adds up to two cup sizes — at $49.95, it’s a much more affordable option than a breast augmentation.

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