Frenchie Joy – French Bulldogs

Let’s talk about the features of the French Bulldogs. These little dogs don’t need a lot of space to live. In the house or the apartment behaves calmly and neatly. Life in the yard or the aviary is not suitable. Appreciates comfort, if he does not have his couch or house, he will prefer to sleep on the master’s bed. In puppyhood, he often gnaws on everything, even if he is surrounded by many toys. To play, he needs a companion, another dog, or a person. He entertains himself reluctantly. You can choose your furry family member right now:

There is a joke in dog breeding circles: if the dog does not grunt or fart, then this is not a real “Frenchman”. Indeed, bulldogs breathe loudly, sniff, whistle, champ, and grunt. Worse during arousal or after exercise. In their sleep, they fart and snore. How loud and how often depends on the characteristics of the body, health, and temperament of each dog.

Walking 2-3 times a day. Total time from 1 to 3 hours. On walks, French Bulldogs are surprised with their speed and maneuverability, but they quickly get tired, so they are unlikely to become companions on runs. In addition, they do not tolerate extreme heat and cold. In frosty weather, the duration of walking is minimized (10-15 minutes). In the hot season, you should walk only early in the morning or in the evening. Due to anatomical features, French Bulldogs cannot swim, so in the summer you should be careful near water bodies. On walks, many French Bulldogs turn into small vacuum cleaners. Often this behavior is difficult to correct. You just have to make sure that the dog does not eat anything. It is also important to take care of large bulging eyes, avoid climbing in the bushes and wash the conjunctiva after playing in the sand.

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