SMOOTHIES, slushies, or acai bowls all require a good amount of ice, but not everyone owns a refrigerator that makes ice.

When it comes to ice cube trays, many people encounter the same problem – spillage.


David Parody revealed that people have been using ice cube trays all wrong[/caption]


The savvy social media user demonstrated the correct way to fill up ice cubes to avoid any spillage[/caption]

Well, thanks to one savvy social media user, that could soon be a problem of the past.

David Parody took to TikTok and posted a short video which shows him firstly demonstrating the incorrect method that most people use.

This involves holding the tray flat and directly underneath the tap.

According to the savvy social media user, the pressure of the water hitting the flat surface causes the contents to bounce straight back out.



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He then explains that you should instead hold the tray vertically underneath the tap.

This way, the water trickles off the edge of the plastic and down into the empty cubes without causing any splash back or spillage.

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He captioned the video: “This way there’s never a mess.”

The post has since garnered a whopping 5 million views and been flooded with comments from impressed social media users.

“I’m today years old when I learnt this,” admitted one.

A second penned: “I have been doing it wrong lol!”

A third quipped: “For 54 freaking years.”

Meanwhile, a fourth joked: “Oh behave! 48 and I learn this.”

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Another simply penned: “No way!”

And one more person added: “OMG!”


David showed that the ice cube tray should be held at an angle underneath the tap[/caption]

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