EMBARRASSING names have been the subject of bullying and ridicule — especially among children.

One concerned aunt took to Reddit to reveal what her sister named her nephews and to seek advice.


An aunt took to Reddit to express her disappointment in her nephew’s name[/caption]

“My sister ‘Penny’ is pregnant with her second baby,” the aunt wrote. “Another boy.”

“Her first boy’s name is ‘neon,’ (sic)” the aunt revealed. “When she announced this name those many years ago a lot of people in the family dissaproved (sic) and suggested her to pick a different name.”

“Well she did not listen,” she said. “And now her kid is stuck with that name.”

The aunt revealed that her sister is pregnant with a second child, who she plans to name “Green.”



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“I was the first one she told this to,” she wrote. “And I immediately told her that it is not cute or unique, it is just weird.”

The aunt added that her sister is so excited for baby Green and committed to the name, she even began making Green-themed baby gear.

“She did not heed my advice and has started crocheting beanies and tiny sweaters for the baby with the name ‘Green’ on them,” she wrote.

Prior to consulting Reddit, the aunt revealed that she previously sought the advice of strangers on the internet by posting the Neon conundrum to Facebook, to the dismay of her sister.

“She went on to find that post I made and saw the mean comments and started crying,” the aunt wrote on Reddit.

She revealed her plan to be there for her nephews in the future if they require her help.

“If the boys need support or money for name change when they become adults, I’ll be there,” she wrote.

Redditors overwhelmingly disagreed with the aunt’s antics.

“The parents can give their child any name they want (within legal limits in some countries),” one Redditor replied.

“You went too far with the Facebook post,” another wrote. “It’s their kid.”

However, some sided with the concerned aunt.

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“Be there for Green,” another Redditor wrote. “So you can give him money for name change on his 18th birthday. He will need it.”

“I hope her children will change their names as soon as they legally can,” another wrote. “Those names are literally code for ‘hey bullies come at me, also HR please don’t promote me or hire me.’”


Her first nephew was named Neon, while the second is set to be named Green[/caption]

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