AN influencer who spent hundreds of dollars on Kylie Jenner’s used clothes ended up with the “world’s most annoying top.”

The influencer, widely known as her YouTube persona Blair Walnuts, also revealed that her Kardashian Kloset haul came with a weird, musty smell.

Blair Walnuts shared her Kardashian Kloset shopping haul, including this corset from designer Kim Shui that ‘fit like a glove’
YouTube/blair walnuts
However, she said the items came with an unpleasant musty smell
YouTube/blair walnuts

Blair ordered three pieces that cost $469 before shipping and taxes.

But between a truly NSFW top and a confounding jumpsuit, it’s hard to imagine where anyone but Kylie would wear these clothes.

Holding the clothes on camera, Blair took a deep whiff at the moment she opened the package.

“There’s kind of a smell to it,” Blair said, sticking her nose into the packaging. “It’s like an old, musty smell, a little like an estate sale would smell.



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“It’s not a significant smell,” she added, unwrapping the clothes fully and burying her nose in them. “It smells like someone’s hands.”

The first piece she tried on, a Danielle Guizio satin halter, typically retails for close to $350, but Blair bought the top for just $99 from Kylie’s closet.

Blair had some difficulty zipping and tying the silky top by herself, and once it was on, her irritation grew.

“This, in my opinion, is the world’s most annoying top,” she announced. “It won’t stay on without me holding it.”

“I either need tape and a screwdriver, or someone to just hold my top up the entire night.”

Once she managed to get the top to stay in place, and was no longer at risk of a NSFW wardrobe malfunction, she felt a lot more positive.

“I would rate this a 10 out of 10,” she said. “I got to find a new designer and I really like the way this fits.”

The next piece from Kylie’s wardrobe kept the theme of shiny, silky corsets going.

The first piece Blair modeled was a Danielle Guizio satin top
YouTube/blair walnuts

The tube top from Kim Shui originally cost $249, and Blair paid $195 for Kylie’s hand-me-downs – “not that big of a steal,” the influencer said.

“I think it fits perfectly, like a glove. It makes me feel really beautiful,” Blair said, modeling the faux-snakeskin top.

The outfit did give her a new perspective on Kylie’s life.

“I had a really hard time getting it on myself,” Blair admitted. “I see why she has 17 assistants now.”

Blair was ‘scammed’ and overpaid for the House of London jumpsuit
YouTube/blair walnuts

She also pointed out the level of detail on the “beautiful and bronzey” corset, which looked even better in photos than in natural lighting. That’s true of many of Kylie’s clothes.

“A lot of her clothes are meant for photographs, flash photography, and artificial lights,” Blair explained.

“The next piece, I think I got scammed on,” she told viewers, showing a photo of the House of London jumpsuit.

It took Blair a long time to zip the back of the jumpsuit by herself
YouTube/blair walnuts

“I paid $175 for it, but I found it online for £80,” Blair revealed. With conversion rates, that puts the jumpsuit at under $100, so the influencer paid extra for the privilege of owning Kylie’s clothes.

“I am getting scarred by this outfit. This is killing my self-confidence,” she said.

The white satin jumpsuit covered her from head to toe, but even a belt couldn’t make the shapeless garment wearable.

“I look like a mummy wearing a diaper. I feel like I’m supposed to be sexy, but it’s during Handmaid’s Tale times,” Blair said. She struggled to zip the back completely, but once she could, it didn’t improve the silhouette.

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As though feeling “scammed” by the price wasn’t enough, Blair couldn’t style the jumpsuit in any way that made it look flattering.

“It is the weirdest outfit I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” she declared.

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