CHOOSING your child’s first car can feel overwhelming — especially when the purchase is for your least-favorite kid.

Luckily auto salesman Jonathan Forseth has the ideal vehicle for your least favorite child so you can save time and money on car shopping.


Colorado car salesman Jonathan Forseth recommending which car to buy for your least-favorite child[/caption]

Jonathan recommends that you consider a 2018 Nissan Versa for your rogue child.

Jonathan notes that the 2018 Nissan Versa’s manual design extends beyond its transmission.

This TikTok creator and auto salesman opens the 2018 Nissan Versa’s doors to reveal the car’s roll-down windows and turn-key ignition.

Jonathan rightly points out that the interior’s seats are carpet since “we can’t spoil them [least-favorite child] with any leather.”



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Once inside the driver’s seat, this funny car salesman tells viewers that the 2018 Versa has zero power locks and analog air conditioning.

Sitting above this economy sedan’s analog air conditioning is the vehicle’s most advanced feature, a wired auxiliary cord port.

This TikTok’s viewers were shocked when Jonathan quoted the video’s Nissan at $15,000.

One TikTok user commented: “15 GRAND WHATTTT.”

Other viewers shared how they were amused by Jonathan’s marketing tactics.

One TikTok account commented: “Manual everything like that’s a selling point.”

Another viewer said: “This isn’t for the least favorite child, this is for someone you hate.”

In 2017, Nissan’s announced that their 2018 Versa held an $11,990 base price — but the auto inventory shortage is still inflating car values.

Nissan’s 2018 Versa scored solid reviews despite its lack of amenities.

U.S. News & World Report gave the 2018 Versa a seven out of 10 rating, while Edmunds settled on a 4.1/5 score.


Shot of the 2018 Sentra’s interior that’s characterized by carpet seats, analog air conditioning, a wired auxiliary port, roll-down windows, and a manual shift knob[/caption]

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