A SAVVY bargain hunter has managed to redecorate her bathroom on a budget of just £80 with breath taking results.

Going by the name of Jasmin but using the handle bricksdustbaby she shared her beautiful transformation in a video on her TikTok page.

The old bathroom was drab and very dated it was in desperate need of a makeover

It’s fair to say before she started her renovation the bathroom had seen better days. 

The decor was dated with a beach hut and boat theme and the walls were painted blue. The white tiles were offset with a blue trim. 

The cork inspired floor tiles were questionable and this seemed to be a particular bugbear for the wannabe interior.

She captioned that particular image with the word “shudder”. 

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Doing a sweep of the room, the video also showed us her separate shower enclosure which to be honest left a lot to be desired. 

With steely determination and a budget of just £80, she got to work. Jasmin started by whitewashing the walls using leftover paint.

For the renovation she found some great budget hacks which included a grout marker pen to give the white tiles more definition.

Jasmin also bought a pack of peel and stick white and blue mosaic Inspired vinyl floor tiles. 

She bagged a bargain with these at the home essentials favourite Dunelm where she picked up a pack of the high end looking tiles for just £14.

She also repainted the bath panels and replaced the wooden effect with a cool light mint finish.

Jasmin got rid of the sailing pictures that hung over the bath and replaced them with some white shelves dressed with potted plants. 

And the finish look was absolutely stunning. Here she had successfully created a bathroom that offered calmness and serenity.

A room that would look out of place at any boutique hotel.

The finished result gained over a thousand likes on TikTok and followers flocked to her page to comment on the beautiful transformation.

Thebramhallbuild wrote: “Wow that’s absolutely amazing for £80”. Astoney!34 added: “beautiful.”

Mandy Wrenn489 replied: “Brilliant…really inspiring” and Uzami-lou put: “oh bloody hell, that was a great transformation.”


Jasmin whitewashed the walls to give the bathroom a bright and airy feel[/caption]


The finish was a stunning boutique inspired bathroom[/caption]

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