A big-time Walmart secret clearance that is currently going on could land you a few toys and clothes for as little as 50 cents if you know the right methods.

According to a recent video from deals pro Nat, who goes by dealswithnat2 on TikTok, using the Walmart mobile application can reveal clearance items that will only cost you about $1.

TikTok: dealswithnat2

Walmart still has clothes and toys for as low as 50 cents in the clearance section through their mobile app[/caption]

TikTok: dealswithnat2

Nat showed that some dresses are only $1 instead of the clearance price of $7[/caption]

Nat has previously shown that can even mean a 95 percent off sale, like on bags and backpacks that were originally $20.

Here’s what you can grab this week during the secret clearance.


Right away Nat asked her viewers to remember that she is using the Walmart mobile app, which is the only way to find clearance products for only $1.

She first scanned a few dresses in the clearance section with the barcode scanner that pop-up at $1 after originally being around $7.

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Most are variations in the color and size of the Time and Tru Women’s Sleeveless Knit Dress.

The dresses were actually set at $9, put in clearance at $7, and then the Walmart mobile app provided the big savings at the final price of $1.

Graphic T-Shirts

TikTok: dealswithnat2

Graphic T-shirts can get as low as $1 through the Walmart mobile application[/caption]

Moving on in the video, Nat explained that although she uses the barcode scanner, using the Walmart Plus subscription service could reveal sales as well.

Otherwise, she recommended talking to an employee to make sure to get the sale price.

Nat showed that many graphic t-shirts in the clearance section are on sale, and can even get as low as 50 cents.

Whether it was a Rugrats Junior t-shirt, an MTV Women’s Pop Logo Skimmer T-Shirt, or a Disney Mickey Mouse Love t-shirt, they’re all $1 after being scanned from the original price of about $9.

However, it’s the Juniors’ short sleeve Focus On The Good t-shirt that rang up at 50 cents, so be on the lookout for that.

Miscellaneous items and toys

TikTok: dealswithnat2

Toys also have a big sale in the clearance section through the Walmart mobile application[/caption]

Near the end of the video, Nat moved away from the clothing section to reveal a few more clearance items that can get much lower than their original price.

For example, there is a noodle cooker currently on sale for $4 with an original value of about $10 at full price, still making it about 60 percent off.

Otherwise, Nat showed some toy footballs you could grab, along with candy toys, coffee mugs, and some supply bins.

Other ways to save at Walmart

Again, the main point that Nat stressed is using the Walmart mobile application.

It truly is the key to getting the best deals with its product scanner so you can save money and see if any sale item is actually $1 instead of its current listing.

Otherwise, Walmart’s website has other neat features to check for the best sales, like its “Flash Picks” section and “Rollbacks.”

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