KTLA is under heat for the abrupt departure of its beloved co-anchor, Lynette Romero – following her 24-year run with the news outlet.

Weekend Morning News anchor, Mark Mester, was fired on September 22, 2022, after he took it upon himself to apologize to viewers for KTLA’s “rude” sendoff.

Mark Mester was fired after he deviated off script and slammed his own station on the air regarding the handling of a co-anchor’s abrupt departure from the airwaves

Who is Mark Mester?

Mark Mester is a reporter born in Budapest, Hungary on December 27, 1986.

He was an anchor on the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News and joined the station back in May 2014.

Mester has over 78k followers on Instagram, where he often posts pictures of himself on the set of KTLA with his fellow colleagues.

The 36-year-old tends to keep his personal life private and so it is unknown whether he is currently dating anyone.

According to his social media, however, Mester seems to really enjoy surfing.

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Why did Mester get fired?

Mester was fired by KTLA-TV Channel 5 on September 22, 2022, after he criticized the station’s handling of his co-anchor Lynette Romero’s abrupt departure, as per the Los Angeles Times.

The news comes days after Deadline confirmed the news anchor’s suspension from the station.

On September 14, during a segment, entertainment specialist, Sam Rubin, gave a statement on Romero’s exit without a goodbye message to viewers:

“After nearly 24 years, Lynette Romero, our friend Lynette, has decided to move on from anchoring our weekend morning news,” Rubin said.

“KTLA management had hoped she would stay here her entire career, and KTLA worked hard to make that happen, but Lynette has decided to move to another opportunity elsewhere.

“Lynette, we wish you luck, we miss you and we thank you for everything you’ve done for KTLA. … On behalf of everyone here, we wish you and your family nothing but the best.”

Mester, however, was very disturbed by the abrupt send off which he described as “rude, it was cruel, it was inappropriate,” and took it upon himself to apologize, on behalf of the station, to viewers during Saturday’s weekend morning show.

“Lynette, you are literally my best friend. You did not deserve what happened to you on Wednesday,” he said referring to the brief salute she was given.

“You did not deserve this, it was a mistake, and we hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us,” Mester added in his four-minute monologue as he fought back strong emotions.

Mester was first suspended due to his handling of the KTLA situation, but soon after, fired for not following the script that had been made for him to read during the show.

However, according to the LA Times: “Several sources at the station said it was common knowledge that staffers were concerned about Mester’s temper and what was described as his ‘disrespectful’ behavior to women and had complained to management.”

Mester is no longer on the roster of reporters and anchors listed on the KTLA website.

Mark Mester and Lynette Romero on set

What have people said about Mark Mester’s firing?

Viewers flooded Twitter with their thoughts on Mester’s handling of Romero’s departure.

“Mark was 100% in the right,” one user wrote. “It’s like you guys are begging to lose all your viewers with this kind of behavior.”

Another tweeted: “You just lost a viewer. No reason for me to watch KTLA now since no Liberty, no Lynette and now firing Mark Mester”

Others urged viewers to boycott KTLA for their actions: “I can not believe that you have been fired over this. Seriously people need to show support and #BoycottKTLA and #BoycottKTLAWeekends henceforth.”

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While some viewers were just in shock: What’s happening where’s @LynetteRomero and @mester_mark???”

“A girl moves out of state and come homes to no Lynette or Mark…looks like it’s time for another ch…SMH

“#KTLA#LynetteRomero#MarkMester my morning favs…”

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