TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb had an awkward live TV moment as she struggled to pronounce a word on-air.

Her co-anchor Savannah Guthrie jumped in to help correct the mistake.

Today show

Today’s Hoda Kotb in awkward live TV moment and mispronounced a word[/caption]

Today show

Today’s Hoda Kotb struggles before co-host comes to her rescue[/caption]

The morning show crew sat around the news desk introducing a segment on the World’s Best Pizza award.

50 Top Pizza named New York restaurant Una Pizza Napoletana the best in the world.

While introducing the owner, Anthony Mangieri, Hoda flubbed the pronunciation of the name of the restaurant.

“Anthony’s restaurant, Una Pizza.. Naaaa..polllleee…eeehh..tana,” she said, slowing down each syllable in the word.



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Savannah jumped in to help out her co-anchor with a loud, “LE TANA!!!”

“It was just voted the best pizza on the planet!” Hoda continued.

The assist comes after Guthrie recently gave an interview praising her co-anchor Kotb, despite rumors of a behind-the-scenes rift.


Savannah recently revealed that she loved having a “female partnership” with Kotb as she called her co-host her “friend and cheerleader and partner” in an interview with US Magazine.

“It’s wonderful to have a female partnership, but to me, [it’s important] to have this friend and cheerleader and partner,” Guthrie said.

“And I really feel that from her and I hope we share that. It’s incredible.”

Kotb also shared her great memories of being the Today anchor on the show.

“I remember I went to a SoulCycle class … and I walked in and people starting applauding,” she said.

“And they said, ‘What you and Savannah did today, that changed everything.

“It wasn’t until that moment that it hit me that it was something that meant something to other people.

“A woman came up with her young daughter and says, ‘I want you to know something.

“My daughter now thinks it’s totally normal to wake up in the morning and see two women next to each other.’ And that’s changed now for these kids,” Kotb added.

In 2018, Guthrie, 50, and Kotb, 58, officially became cohosts and where there to celebrate Today Show earlier this year as it marked seven decades on air.

Both reflected on the significance of their roles as female anchors taking the lead.

“I feel happy and thrilled because I have a great partner in Hoda,” Guthrie told TV Insider.

Both Guthrie and Kotb showed their teamwork not only on-screen but off-screen as well.

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“You can’t fake chemistry. I can tell when co-anchors don’t get along. If you have that rapport, it makes people want to spend time with you,” Guthrie said.

However, this summer a source close to production on the Today Show exclusively told The Sun that despite their sunny dispositions towards each other on-screen, behind the scenes Savannah and Hoda secretly “can’t stand each other.” 

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Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb coanchored the last four years together[/caption]


The women appear to be friends on camera but secretly ‘can’t stand each other’[/caption]

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