A MARRIED couple with three kids has been found dead on their driveway in mysterious circumstances, according to police.

The bodies of Martha Valdez Salomon, 45, and Gabriel Aguilar, 43, were discovered with no sign of trauma on Thursday morning in Phoenix, Arizona.


Martha Valdez Salomon, 45, (pictured) and her husband Gabriel Aguilar, 43, were found dead on their driveway on Thursday[/caption]


One of the couple’s sons made the tragic discovery when he returned to the Phoenix, Arizona, home. Gabriel Aguilar is pictured above[/caption]

Police have opened an investigation into the tragic deaths. The couple’s home is pictured above
ABC 15

One of the couple’s sons was the one to find the bodies under a carport when he came home, according to Arizona’s Family.

According to a neighbor, the youngest of the couple’s kids turned six years old the day before the bodies were found.

The couple’s older two kids are 20 and 25, the neighbor said.

“To be honest, I don’t have any words to say. It’s just… my heart is broken,” neighbor Canet Ibarra told ABC15.

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Ibarra, know had known the family for nearly ten years, added they are a “good family.”

A cause of death will be determined by the Office of the Medical Examiner.

Police have opened an investigation into the tragic deaths.

Martha worked as a housekeeper for a hotel for more than 15 years, according to a GoFundMe page has been created for the family.

The fundraising page reads: “Martha and Gabriel were two caring and hardworking individuals who loved their kids unconditionally.

“Today, they leave behind their twenty-two, twenty, and six-year-old sons and need help to get their parent’s funeral arrangements situated.

“We ask for contributions in their sudden passing and the six-year-old they have left behind.”

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