Strictly: Kaye Adams says her ‘best’ might be ‘rubbish’

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On Friday night, Strictly Come Dancing fans will finally find out who the celebrities will be partnered up with as they prepare to take to the dancefloor for the first time. Among the line-up is Loose Women presenter Kaye Adams, who admitted she is really nervous about her stint on the BBC series.

During an interview with Lorraine, Kaye told the ITV host she will be happy if she stays in the competition for a few weeks.

Discussing rehearsals and the reason she wanted to take part in Strictly, Kaye began: “I am a better dancer now than I was eight days ago, but that doesn’t mean I am any good.

“I surprised myself by agreeing to do it, but it’s the last year of my 50s, and I started this podcast a show called How to be 60, and to be honest, I have always skated around my age.

“I must have negative connotations, and my mum did, my mum lied about her age.

“If I had told my mum’s real age in public, she would have not been happy.

“So that was in me and I thought that, ‘This is stupid, why am I sort of self-limiting myself and being embarrassed about being lucky enough to get to this age?’ I should be grateful.

“You get stuck in a rut, and I am this sort of person who goes, ‘I’m not the sort of person who dances, I don’t do that’.”

Kaye has spent the past few weeks rehearsing with her partner for their first dance, which she will perform on Saturday night.

She went on to admit that since it was announced she was going on the show, random people in the street have come up to her to wish the presenter, good luck.

She told the host: “What has been so glorious for the last month or so since it was announced, it’s just really nice regular people that you meet in the street and coffee shops, going for your dog walk etc, just coming up, and going, ‘Good luck!’.

“It’s just nice, simple, human and decent interaction, as we all get locked into a social media bubble where everyone is just trying to get at people.

“But actually, it’s been such a reminder that the vast majority of people are just lovely people who say good luck.”

When asked about whether she is competitive, Kaye admitted: “I am a very competitive person, so I will try my best.

“I will try my very best, but also, I am a very realistic person.

“I’ve decided to do this because I want to do something different, and I don’t want to be the person at a wedding who says ‘No, I don’t dance’.

“I want to be able to say, ‘You know what? Yeah, I’ll have a bit of a boogie.”

Sharing her fears about being eliminated, the ITV presenter added: “So I’m in this to learn to love to dance.

“And if I achieve that in week one, week two, week three and then it’s, ‘Bye-bye’, then that is great for me.

“You know, I will try my best of course, but my best might be quite rubbish.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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