ANY parent will know that whenever your kids fall over and hurt themselves, you instantly want to make it better.

Now, a mum has shared her genius marshmallow hack, which soothes cuts and bruises instantly. 

Chelsea Dyan, whose TikTok profile is @gratefulheartcollective, says all you need to do is freeze some marshmallows and have them ready in case. 

The mumfluencer, who has built up a 30k following thanks to her helpful parenting tips and tricks, shared a video explaining how it works. 

She captioned the post: “These homemade “ice packs” are SO much easier to form around little limbs to help heal the owies.” 

She then showed a typical solid ice pack that she kept in her freezer and said: “If the ice packs in your freezer look like this, then this video’s for you.”

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Chelsea then demonstrated how the hack works, revealing all you need is a pack of marshmallows and a freezer bag. 

She continued: “I’ve got a hack for healing kids’ booboobs and all it takes is that pack of marshmallows that you’ve got somewhere in the back of your pantry.

“Grab yourself some mini marshmallows and a zip up bag and away you go.

“You’re just going to pour those right into a small zip up bag, lay it out flat, get all the air out and then it is ready for the freezer.”

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The social media star then said that it only takes three hours for the entire bag to freeze – and that it’s a total game changer.

Chelsea added that her “simple mum hack” did the job every time, as she demonstrated it in action on her child. 

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She concluded: “The good thing about this hack is that marshmallows get really cold in the freezer but they still stay soft.

“So you can form around where the owie is.”

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