PAUL SCHOLES has revealed Manchester United called his dad as they had concerns about his boozing as a youngster.

The United legend, 47, appeared on Gary Neville’s The Overlap and spoke about his drinking habits while part of the Red Devils youth team.

Paul Scholes revealed he drank too much in his early days at Manchester United

Neville admitted he was unaware of Scholes’ boozing despite the former midfielder drinking up to five times a week.

United youth coach Eric Harrison took note and intervened in Scholes’ behaviour by calling his dad.

Scholes recalled the incident saying: “I remember once, when I was 16, 17 or 18 when I was with the youth team, Eric Harrison rang my dad and said ‘we are a bit worried about Paul’s drinking’.

“They said they were a bit worried about my drinking. I remember my dad saying ‘he’s allowed to enjoy himself, isn’t he?’



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“I was thinking ‘f***, dad you shouldn’t really be saying that. No, no he’s doesn’t drink.’

“That’s what I was brought up [on]. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes on a Monday, was going out.

“When I got to 18 I probably was [drinking five times a week]. All my mates were around the pub all the time.

“I used to come and watch my mates play football on a Sunday morning in a pub.”


Scholes also admitted he “did some stupid things” when he was younger and on one occasion fell out with Sir Alex Ferguson after being dropped.

He even feared his time at United would be over following the dispute, but instead he apologised after being fined two weeks’ wages and the matter was settled.

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