Naked Attraction fans were left floored after one contestant showed off her cheeky party trick while she was on a date with her chosen partner.

A contestant performed her bizarre talent on a new episode of the Channel 4 show after viewers were introduced to the 26-year-old who was picking a date.

Nico told audiences that she was a dog groomer before she joined host Anna Richardson in the Naked Attraction studio.

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Anna had six women lined up for Nico, who had the impossible task of whittling her choices down to just two hopefuls.

Eventually, Nico settled on fellow dog groomer Gemma and 35-year-old Carla, who works as a travel consultant.

After much deliberation, she decided to go with Gemma as she fell for her “confidence” and the scene cut to the pair on their date.

Gemma and Nico had obvious chemistry and the clips showed them enjoying a drink together as they got to know each other.

However, Gemma went one step further to impress her date and showcased her “special talent” to a gobsmacked Nico.

Gemma explained: “I can make my t*** clap!”

An amazed Nico responded: “I need to see this!”

Gemma then stood up in the crowded restaurant, unhooked her bra strap and proceeded to show that her boobs had a mind of their own.

Luckily, Nico was left in stitches and the date continued on, but some viewers were not impressed with her party trick.

Some Naked Attraction fans took to Twitter to slam the Channel 4 star and tweeted out about the incident.

One wrote: “Who the f*** would ‘clap their t*ts’ in a not-empty restaurant? Weirdo!”

Another typed: “Other drinkers watching her ‘t*rs clapping’ in the bar.”

A third confused fan tweeted: “Did, um…did that woman just stand up in the middle of a restaurant and clap her t*ts together?”

Luckily, the only person whose opinion mattered was Nico’s, who was clearly bowled over by the “talent” and even branded Gemma as “girlfriend” potential.

After their date, the pair returned to the Naked Attraction studio to discuss how the date went.

The flirtatious pair hinted that they had grown closer after they spent the night together in a hotel room.

Nico admitted she thought she had “picked the right person” before Gemma replied: “I’ll take that,” and the duo shared a kiss.


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