A MAN who bought a vending machine has made 10 times his previous income in only one year.

Marcus Gram, 31, wanted to generate more income to give his son a better life, so he invested in vending machines.

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Marcus Gram bought two refurbished vending machines to start his side hustle[/caption]

Gram spent about $5,000 on two refurbished vending machines.

He then stocked them with snack foods and soft drinks purchased from Costco. 

Finding a home for the vending machines was difficult, but he eventually convinced a law firm to give him permission to leave two machines in their office.

Unfortunately, the location was not ideal as the machines only made $60 after five months. 

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“I was so excited to find my first client and start making money that I didn’t do a proper site assessment to determine if the office had sufficient foot traffic,” Gram told Time.

After realizing that the law firm was not contributing to generating more income, Gram canceled his contract with the law firm

He eventually moved the machines to a different location with better foot traffic.

Moving the machines was the right decision as the average profit was $1,500 a month in the first three months.

Gram says that anyone can buy a refurbished vending machine for only $2,000 to $3,500.

“You have to find your location first and assess its potential for success before you buy machines for that site,” he said.

Refrigerated vending machines are also great while other places generate more money with vending machines that offer both drinks and snacks.

This all depends on the location.

Over time, Gram scaled his vending machine side hustle enough to hire employees to support many locations.

“When the world shut down because of the pandemic in 2020 through 2021, I started looking for ways to expand my business,” he said.

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“I called trucking companies, warehouses, and athletic facilities still operating, and pitched the respective site managers the benefits of having my vending machines on their sites,” Gram added.

He generated more than $340,000 in revenue in 2021, based on documents reviewed by NextAdvisor. 

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