A CANNIBAL killer has joined bloodthirsty Russian mercenaries recruited from jails to fight in Ukraine, it’s claimed.

Yegor Komarov was arrested after a headless body with multiple stab wounds fell out of a car and he later admitted he “nibbled to just take a taste”.

Yegor Komarov admitted killing and eating parts of two victims
Twitter / @AlexKokcharov

Yevgeny Prigozhin was filmed in prison recruiting murderers and sex offenders[/caption]

He is now among those who have joined the notorious Wagner Group of mercenaries after the man believed to be its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin was filmed in prison recruiting inmates.

The prisoners – including murderers and sex offenders – have been told they will be offered their freedom and a personal pardon from Putin if they last six months at the frontline in the Ukraine war.

According to Olga Romanova, from the Russia Behind Bars organisation, their ranks include at one “killer” with “cannibalism in his portfolio”.

According to the anti-Putin ASLAN twitter account, that man is Komarov.



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He was arrested in the region of the city of St Petersburg after police came across a Mitsubishi car crashed on a motorway.

The corpse had fallen out of the boot when it hit the fence and cops later detained the then 23-year-old Komarov, the Daily Beast reported.

When police took hs handcuffs off during questioning he screamed: “What are you doing, I can bite you to death!”

In a leaked video of his court appearance, a shaven headed Komarov was heard saying from behind bars: ““I nibbled to just take a taste.”

His interrogator then asks “are you ready to eat a human again?” to which Komarov replied “do you have some?”.

The footage also showed Komarov also admitting he had previously killed and an unnamed 38-year-old male victim “without any reason” to see what they tasted like.

He confessed to cutting off a part of the man’s body, cooking and eating it at home and that he scoured parks at night looking for victims.

Komarov also admitted murdering the driver of the Mitsubishi 50-year-old Arkad Kazyanin.

The secretly filmed video shows Prigozhin, 61, admit to being a representative of the Wagner Group, Putin’s private army that fights dirty wars for the Russian tyrant around the world.

In the extraordinary clip Prigozhin, who was recently awarded a Hero of Russia medal by Putin for his loyalty, tells the hardened criminals that they will become war heroes or be shot as deserters.

“I am a representative of a private war company, perhaps you heard the name – Wagner Group,” he tells the crowd.

The prisoners are told they will be offered their freedom and a personal pardon from Putin if they last six months at the frontline in Ukraine.

And if they die, they will be buried “as heroes”, he tells them.

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Prigozhin then issues a shocking demand to the new recruits – if they are captured by Ukraine they are to kill themselves rather than fall into enemy hands.

The inmates are given “five minutes” to decide whether they want to come.

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