A RECENT lottery winner couldn’t breathe after discovering she had just won millions on a scratch-off through a specific playing strategy.

The winner, a 21-year-old Michigan woman, won $2million with her “in town” strategy.


The anonymous winner paid only $20 and earned the maximum prize of $2 million[/caption]

The winner, who wants to remain anonymous, told the Michigan Lottery that her simple strategy involves grabbing a few lottery tickets at local stores and gas stations whenever she’s in a new town or city.

The game she played is called “$80million Cash Payout”.

After she scratched off her ticket, she quickly discovered that her winnings would be considerable, which left her short of breath.

“I was in shock. It was an unbelievable feeling!” she said.

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At the lottery headquarters, she ultimately decided to take the one-time cash option instead of the annuity payments.

The grand total ended up being about $1.3million.

She informed the Michigan Lottery that she plans on investing most of the money that she won.

What is the $80million Cash Payout?

The $80million Cash Payout instant game was released in May of this year in Michigan.

Each ticket costs $20.

Players have a chance to win up to the max of $2million, which this anonymous winner was fortunate enough to land.

Strategies to win big

Although, it can occur by pure happenstance when stopping at a gas station for a food craving, strategies like buying a couple of lottery tickets every time you arrive in a new town are more common than you might think.

A few college students even narrowed down methods that helped them win over $48 million in lottery cash.

Many players who have won prizes at $1million or more often have a few specific strategies that can help you win too.

It’s also possible to develop routines with scratch-off tickets that could lead to a $1million payout.

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Some big-time lottery winners like this math professor have even developed a way to ensure that you’re the only lottery winner.

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