A BRIDE-TO-BE’s suggestion for unconventional wedding vows has been labeled “tacky” and “distasteful.”

Ahead of her big day, Julie wondered whether it would be OK to ask her husband to include a very personal promise before saying “I do” – but others begged her not to.


A bride named Julie wondered whether it would be OK to ask her husband to include a very personal promise in his vows to her[/caption]

Julie solicited other brides’ opinions in a post on WeddingWire‘s message boards.

She seemed to have some idea that it wouldn’t be well received, but she insisted that it was important he make her a special promise.

“I want [my] fiance to commit to having sex with me a certain amount of times a week in our vows,” she wrote.

“Would you consider this bad taste?” she asked.

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“It is really important to me because he has a lower sex drive than me and it’s something we often argue about,” she added.

The opinions against her were unanimous.

“I think that’s really bad taste. Everyone at your wedding doesn’t need to know that, you can talk about it just between the 2 of you,” wrote one.

“I’d say this is not appropriate for your vows. Vows are supposed to be forever, and your sex drive (as well as his) will change over time,” argued another.

Others called it “tacky and distasteful,” “trashy,” and a red flag about their relationship.

“No one attending wants to know that type of thing (way TMI), and really do you want to share that with your grandmother, FH’s mother, your father, etc?” asked one.

“If I heard that in someone’s vows, I’d never look at that couple the same,” added another.

“So wait, you want this man to make a vow BEFORE GOD to have sex with you multiple times a week… even when he doesn’t necessarily want to?” wrote one more, advising her not to “lose sight of the importance of marriage and definitely don’t put this in your vows.”

However, Julie was still attached to the idea and asked if being a bit vaguer would help.

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“What if it was worded in a nice way? Like I vow to keep you pleased in every way I can?” she asked.

But commenters still insisted this wouldn’t work, with one calling the new wording “creepy.”

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