WHETHER you love a latte or an espresso shot, why not switch up your regular mug for a set of the best glass coffee cups. 

With loads of designs to choose from depending on your drink of choice, glass coffee cups are an aesthetic dream that would suit any kitchen space.

From budget-friendly to splurge-worthy options, you can channel your inner barista and experiment with the way you make your coffee.

We’ve rounded up the best glass coffee cups that will change the way you get your caffeine kick.

Why you should pick a glass coffee cup

Much like the material used to make ceramic mugs, glass is a neutral material that is easy to clean. Glass also doesn’t hold onto flavours from drinks, unlike plastic or metal variaties so when you’re having a cup of coffee you can rest assured that you won’t have to contend with other aromas.

If you break a glass, they are recyclable so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment when disposing of them.

Most ceramics can’t be recycled although you may want to use them for arts and crafts or take them to the local dump.

Best glass coffee cups at a glance:

Best glass coffee cups for iced coffees: NETANY Drinking Glasses


  • NETANY Drinking Glasses, $18.99 at Amazon – buy here

If you’re a self confessed iced coffee lover, these glasses are perfect for making a chilled brew. The set of four glasses also comes with four reusable straws and two cleaning brushes so you can sip in style.

As well as making iced drinks, the glasses can also withstand temperatures of up to 212 Farenheit if you want to warm up with a hot coffee.


Best dishwasher-safe glass coffee cup: CHAMBORD 2 pcs coffee glass


  • CHAMBORD 2 pcs coffee glass, $21.99 at Bodum – buy here

Bring the cafe into the comfort of your own home with this set of two glasses that have been designed in a classic coffeehouse style.

Created with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, these are non-stain and won’t hold onto to aromas from previous drinks that may alter the taste.

The distinctive copper-plated stainless steel frame gives the cup structure and an aesthetic that would complement any breakfast bar.

Best double wall glass coffee cups: Kaffe Medium Glass Coffee Cups


  • Kaffe Medium Glass Coffee Cups, $22.95 at Walmart – buy here

Kaffe’s medium coffee cups feature a heat resistant, double wall that keeps the liquid insulated and ensures the cup remains cool when gripped.

The elegant and simplistic design is great for holding a variety of brews from frothy coffees to espressos and it can handle temperatures between -30°C to 400°C.

Best glass coffee cup set: Farielyn-X Glass Coffee Mugs


  • Farielyn-X Glass Coffee Mugs, $22.99 at Amazon – buy here

If you’re a household of regular coffee drinkers, this set of six cups is great value with no compromise on quality and design.

Made from hand blown borosilicate glass these can be used for hot and cold drinks plus, the handle remains cool to the touch.

These can hold up to 450ml of liquid so you won’t have to reach for any refills in a hurry.

Best glass coffee cup design: CNGLASS Heart Shaped Glass Coffee Mugs


  • CNGLASS Heart Shaped Glass Coffee Mugs, $24.99 at Walmart – buy here

This set of two coffee glasses includes a unique heart shaped inner wall that is sure to impress guests. While you can create effortless drinks, these cups also make a great gift for loved ones whether they are celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

These are made from lead-free, hand blown borosilicate glass which is lighter than normal glass and durable.

Best glass coffee cup for espresso: DLux Espresso Coffee Cups


  • DLux Espresso Coffee Cups, $12.47 from Amazon – buy here

These coffee cups from DLux, have been created with espresso drinkers in mind. The three fluid ounce capacity is perfect for having a shot in the morning or after dinner.

The double walled glasses are easy to clean, lightweight and scratch resistant so it will retain quality.

Best glass coffee cups for lattes: Bistro 2 pcs café latte cups

Bistro-2 pcs-café-latte-cup

  • Bistro 2 pcs café latte cups, $38.49 at Bodrum – buy here

If you’re more partial to a latte, this set of two cups will have you making the lighter coffee variety in no time.

The cups have been individually mouth-blown by expert artisans with heat-resistant borosilicate glass that keeps drinks cool or hot while remaining safe to hold.

These also double up as a way of serving desserts and soups if you want to jazz up meals.

How to pick a good glass coffee cup

Although glass cups have a lot of great qualities, there are a couple of downsides which is why you should choose them carefully depending on what you need them for.

Glass cups are usually thinner than ceramic which means they don’t retain as much heat and your coffee will cool down quicker which is not ideal if you tend to forget about your drink.

To avoid this it’s best to go for a double insulated version which often looks like a glass within a glass, especially for smaller drinks like espressos.

Some glass cups can be more fragile and if you plan on using them everyday you should look for ones that are made from either tempered or borosilicate glass which are more durable and designed to withstand hot liquids.

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