ESPN broadcast two NFL matches at the same time on Monday night – and not everyone was behind it.

The Monday Night Football double header started in Buffalo and ended in Philadelphia in week two.

ESPN kept showing split screens on their Monday Night Football coverage
And their coverage also featured scoreboards on the top left

Buffalo Bills took on Tennessee Titans before Philadelphia Eagles faced Minnesota Vikings.

But, unlike in years gone past, the Monday Night Football double bill overlapped.

Previous editions have seen one game kick off at 7pm ET with the second not starting until gone 10pm ET.

But, on this occasion, the second game began around 8.30pm ET.

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That meant the games overlapped, and ESPN’s coverage caused a bit of a stir.

The sports broadcasters decided to split screen in action from the other game.

And they also added a scoreboard to the top corner with updates of the game happening on the other channel.

That meant viewers who wanted to record and watch the second game later had their experience ruined.

And fans weren’t happy with the coverage.

One tweeted: “ESPN please stop with this split screen. One game just started.

“I’m trying to watch the one in the final minute of the second quarter.”

Another said: “Dear ESPN – this split screen is so disrespectful to the fans that are watching the current game.”

“Hey ESPN, I don’t need a split screen showing Eagles-Vikings. If I want to watch that game, I’ll change the channel, thanks.”

ESPN will broadcast three double headers next season on a Monday night.

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The timings of those games haven’t yet been confirmed.

Some suggested the company could run a split screen option on ESPN2 and leave the games on both ABC and ESPN uninterrupted.

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