A NEW plan would give Americans bonus checks worth up to $1,000 thanks to $3.4million available in funding. 

The proposal was announced by Madison, Wisconsin mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. 

All city employees of Madison, Wisconsin are eligible

The up to $1,000 payment serves as a thank you to qualifying residents that worked during the pandemic in addition to helping them offset high inflation.  

“I am grateful for the hard work, long hours and deep commitment to our community that our employees show,” Ms Rhodes-Conway said.

“It’s nice that we can find a way to recognize them without burdening our taxpayers.”

Who would be eligible?

Of course, this is only a proposal at the moment.



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Direct payments from $17.3million pot set to go out to Americans in weeks

For the payments to go out, the city council would have to approve them.

If the green light is given, up to $1,000 will be sent to all city employees by the end of February 2023.

According to Madison.com, full-time city employees are eligible for the $1,000, whereas part-time workers will get a “prorated sum.”

Roughly 2,900 employees would be eligible for a bonus check, with the city proposing to spend $3.4million.

While it’s not clear if the council will approve, the President of the city’s legislative body appears to back the proposal from the mayor.

“I’m excited the city was able to figure out a way to give bonuses to our incredible employees,” Keith Furman said.

“I look forward to supporting this payment when it comes in front of the council early next year.”

The Sun reached out to mayor Rhodes-Conway’s office for comment. 

Other direct payments

Elsewhere, other states are offering direct payments to Americans.

Florida is offering $1,000 bonus checks to first responders.

Governor Ron DeSantis said almost 100,000 in the state are going to get a bonus check.

And other states are sending out tax rebates including Illinois, which started sending out payments on September 12.

The property tax and individual income rebates are worth up to $300 each.

Those making below $200,000 per year are eligible for the income tax rebate.

This amount is $50 for singles and $100 for married couples, which must make less than $400,000 to qualify. 

Joint filers with three dependents can claim up to $300.

For those who paid property taxes, you are eligible if you earned less than $250,000, or $500,000 for couples.

Homeowners can get an amount equal to the property tax credit they qualified for in 2021, which is up to $300.

About a million residents this week in Virginia are getting rebates worth between $250 and $500.

Tax commissioner Craig Burns stated in a presentation to the House Appropriations Committee that 250,000 rebates will go out six days per week (Monday through Saturday).

If you filed before July 1, rebates should be issued by October 17.

To qualify, taxes must be filed by November 1.

Also, thousands of Alaskans are getting two direct payments this week.

This includes money from the Permanent Fund, which pays a dividend of the state’s oil profits to residents each year, as well as a one-time energy relief payment.

These are expected to be worth a combined $3,284 this year, according to Governor Mike Dunleavy’s office.

Paper checks will be issued during the week of October 6.

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For more on how you can get money, see the dozens of states and cities that have kicked off universal basic income programs.

And another monthly direct payment deadline worth $500 is coming up next month.

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