THESE two women tried the exact same outfits and no-one can agree who looks better.

The two best friends, with two different body types, did a trendy and matching fashion haul on TikTok.

Denise Mercedes tries on four different dresses with her best friend
Denise revealed that she wears size 14 while her best friend wears size 2

In a new video, fashion lover Denise Mercedes tries on four matching dresses alongside her best friend, Maria Castellanos.

Denise revealed in a previous video that she wears a size 14 while Maria wears a size 2.

All the dresses in their video come from one trendy brand: Oh Polly.

The first dress they model is a matte gray maxi with an opening over the upper stomach.

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The second dress they try on together is a yellow bandage dress with a low V-cut.

The following dress in their lineup is a strapless mint-colored body con maxi.

Finally, the best friends both try on tight black dresses with one skinny strap crossing over their chests and shoulders.

Denise and Maria obviously wear two different sizes, but they proved themselves to be equally confident in every single option.

Based on the responses in Denise’s TikTok comment section, it’s hard for viewers to agree on which dress was the best from their haul.

“That yellow dress is it!” one person wrote with fire emojis.

“The black dress is my favorite. But I love all of them,” another person added.

One woman asked: “How come you guys look so good in everything?”

“I love the green and black!” someone else chimed in.

One of the dresses Denise models with her friend is matte gray with an opening
The best friends also show viewers a black dress during their haul

Another TikToker wrote: “The yellow, definitely – but I’m biased because yellow is my favorite color. You two look great in all of them.”

“I love all these looks and how they look on both of you,” someone else posted.

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