THERE’S a reason your Taco Bell order might not match up with what you asked for when it comes to the drive-thru.

And while it’s widespread knowledge that Taco Bell employees are prone to get an order or two incorrect, there are procedures in place that make human error more likely.


Speaking to a previous Taco Bell employee, The Sun learned a core reason Taco Bell’s drive-thru orders are often wrong[/caption]


The ex-employee mentioned an aspect of the drive-thru that many are not aware of[/caption]

Some Taco Bell fans told The Sun they always pull over after ordering at the drive-thru to check that their order is correct, as it’s often wrong.

And while speaking to a previous Taco Bell employee, The Sun got major insight on why Taco Bell orders may be messed up when you order at the drive-thru.

The ex-employee mentioned an aspect of the drive-thru that many are not aware of, and according to them, it’s related to speed.

They revealed: “A lot of people don’t know that the drive-thru is timed and it’s like a competition between neighboring [Taco Bell] stores to get the lowest times.

“So when people take a long time to order in the drive-thru or there’s an order mess up it looks like bad customer service.

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“Basically, they need to get their order taken and out to them in under 3 minutes.”

With speed a major part of the drive-thru process, it’s only natural that some orders get butchered.

And, the previous employee divulged specific details as to what kind of orders are typically messed up.

They claimed: “The main complaint we get [about] people’s orders being messed up is when somebody orders beans because they’re vegetarian, people accidentally add meat to their order because they’re going so fast.”

The Sun has reached out to Taco Bell for comment.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, a Taco Bell customer has claimed to have discovered the secret ingredient in the chains Baja Blast drink.

The tropical lime Mountain Dew flavor is exclusively sold at Taco Bell.

In a video featuring his “homemade” Baja Blast, one Taco Bell fan said that he heard a rumor that Taco Bell’s famed drink is actually just Mountain Dew mixed with blue Powerade.

The man proceeded to mix Mountain Dew with blue Powerade, the drink turning an icy green-blue color.

Speaking on his creation, he stated: “I think we might have cracked the code here.”

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