KARDASHIAN fans have spotted a teeny tiny detail in Kris Jenner’s Thanksgiving dinner that proves the family are just like ordinary people.

Momager Kris hosted a lavish banquet at her $12 million mansion on Thursday and put on quite the spread – including cooked ham, macaroni cheese, mashed potato and cranberry sauce.


Kardashians fans have spotted a teeny tiny detail in Kris Jenner’s Thanksgiving dinner that proves the family are just like ordinary people[/caption]


Kendall Jenner posted several photos from the Thanksgiving celebrations including some with her younger sister Kylie[/caption]

Fans are assuming that Kris had a team of chefs cook up the feast for her nearest and dearest but they don’t think the red condiment was made from scratch.

Judging by the dollop of cranberry sauce on Kendall Jenner‘s plate, several people predicted it was from a can that usually costs $2.99.

Kendall, 27, took to her Instagram Story to share a snap of her dinner before she tucked in.

When one fan shared the photo on a popular Kardashian Reddit thread, others quickly commented on it.



Inside Kardashians’ most ‘excessive’ Thanksgiving party at Kris’ $12M home


Kardashians ripped for ‘excessive amount’ of food during lavish Thanksgiving

One claimed: “I love that they are rich as f*ck but that’s clearly ocean spray cranberry sauce with can lines.”

Another person replied: “Oh I’m team can lines all day no judgement,” while a third said: “I love that stuff.”

A fourth person commented: “I know lots of people who can afford better but get it because it’s what their parents/grandparents/etc… made. It’s also really good.”

Someone else admitted: “Honestly it’s my favorite,” while a different person said: “I was just going to comment, I spy canned cranberry sauce!”

Others mocked the food for looking “dry”, especially the ham and the macaroni cheese.

And a few more Reddit users found it hilarious that Kendall took the opportunity to promote her tequila brand 818.

“Imagine just sipping tequila at your thanksgiving dinner lmao,” one person commented.

Another said: “The 818 is always her +1,” while a third wrote: “The 818 PR never stops, make it stop please.”


However, not everyone sipped on tequila as Kendall’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian revealed she was drinking red wine when she shared a photo of her plate.

Kris also provided an epic donut bar and a grazing table featuring cheese, crackers and salami for her guests.

Not only did 67-year-old Kris hire a harpist for the occasion, she also had personal portraits done of every family member and had them hung up on the wall.

Everyone was keen to show off the pictures on their Instagram Stories, including Kourtney’s husband Travis Barker, who revealed his own three children had been included on the wall.

Kourtney, 43, shared a few posts on her own story including a video of the harpist performing and the huge dining table.

The eating space was covered in white table cloths and adorned with antique-looking candle holders and glassware as well as an epic amount of flowers.

Every guest had their own handwritten dinner place cards alongside large brown plates, silver cutlery and gray napkins.

The set-up was complete with Thanksgiving-themed crackers and the children had their own turkey to color in and pots of pencils to do so.


Kris’ guests were treated to an epic grazing table featuring cheese, crackers, salami and fruit[/caption]


Momager Kris had also commissioned portraits of every single guest which she hung up on the special day[/caption]

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