A WOMAN dubbed England’s sexiest fan has bravely spoken out after being attacked by trolls on social media.

Glamour model Grace Teal, 35, hit back against online bullies after she received hundreds of abusive messages for the way she dressed.


England’s “sexiest fan” has hit out against online trolls[/caption]


Glamour model Grace Teal, 35, received hundreds of abusive messages after posing up[/caption]

The businesswoman had previously posted a picture of herself posing in her kitchen wearing a red bikini with long white football socks.

And she said she was “flattered” to receive the unofficial title of England’s sexiest fan.

Grace, from Doncaster in Yorkshire, said: “Obviously I am really flattered by it and it is really nice to be called that.

“It gives me a confidence boost, it is an honour – it is harmless fun and banter and I am all for that for the World Cup.

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“The World Cup is a great opportunity to get everyone together and celebrate.”

“I have a little boy and he is big into it too, I try and go down to the pub and watch the game and support everybody.”

However, the mum said she was “deeply hurt” by some hateful comments calling her an “attention seeker” and saying “there’s more plastic in her than the ocean”.

Another cruel comment claimed there was “more foundation on her than a building site” and branded her “a mannequin”.

While one person even asked: “What’s wrong with her face? Was she in a fire?”

She added: “The trolling I’ve been on the end of makes my heart sink.

“It made me feel really upset. I went and stood in front of the mirror and thought: “Do I really look like that?”‘

But brave Grace said that she was taking a stand against online bullies and called for a change in the law to put a stop to incidents of harassment.

She said: “I am quite insecure in a lot of ways, and I am successful in my own rights – people were saying that I am a gold digger, and I am cheap.

“I honestly think the reason why people do these things is they feel they can do it because they are sat behind their screens.

“If someone came up to you and started harassing you in that kind of way, it would be a criminal offence.

“I think something needs to be put in place where harassment isn’t just physical and not just by someone you know – there needs to be a law in place that covers social media.

“I want to stand up against these comments, take a grip of all this nastiness that is going on.

“I want people to know that they have hurt my feelings, but they haven’t put me down.”

“I want people to know that they have hurt my feelings, but they haven’t put me down.”

Grace Teal, 35

Grace also called for an easier way to report abuse on social media platforms.

“There needs to be something put in where they can identify horrible posts and comments and take them down.

“There needs to be an easier way for people to report abuse online, so you have that reassurance that something is being done about it.”

The beauty had previously stripped down ahead of England’s crunch Euro 2020 quarter-final against Ukraine.

Despite saying at the time that it would be her “last ever” saucy shoot, she has changed her mind and cheered on Gareth Southgate’s team with a collection of saucy pictures shared with the Daily Star.

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Grace Teal said she was taking a stand against bullies online[/caption]

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