A MILLION dollars – that’s how you’re supposed to feel like after leaving the hairdressers.

But mum-of-two Marie Kay felt way less than that and, in fact, was so disappointed with her new hairdo, she immediately chugged a big glass of red wine the second she got home.

The mum was excited for a makeover – but unfortunately, she left the salon disappointed
Upon returning home, she immediately downed a glass of red wine

Desperate for a makeover, the mum decided to go for the big chop and have her locks dyed dusty pink – however, things didn’t quite go as planned and she shared the hair horror story on TikTok.

At first, Marie showed in the now-viral clip, things were off to a good start – the long locks were chopped off and the hairdresser then proceeded to slather on bleach for the desired ombré effect.

Excited, Marie kept filming the process throughout the appointment.

But rather than a jaw-dropping Before and After, Marie’s new hairdo ended up a total flop, with random patches of red all over the top of her head.

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Taking snaps of her fresh locks, the mum said she was ”smiling through the disappointment”.

”This video was SUPPOSED to be that trendy hair transformation video.

”When rose ombré says you can’t sit with them….” she chuckled in the caption.

Warning felloe beauty lovers to be more careful, Marie went on to add: ”This is your sign to not trust anyone.”

”’The stylist didn’t charge me… thankfully. But I did leave a review. Accidents happen and it’s just hair but geeez….

”All I could tell her was “I’m just confused and so disappointed”.”

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The hair disaster has gone viral on the video sharing platform, leaving people both mortified and confused.

Amongst the 905k viewers, many were struggling to see the expert’s vision and how things managed to end so badly.

A guru in the field was baffled: ”As a hair stylist. I don’t understand how that happened.”

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”It looks like she tried, but didn’t quite know what to do,” a second thought.

Someone else advised: ”Nah you better go get that fixed for freeeeeeee.”


Fellow hairdressers were quite baffled as to what had gone wrong[/caption]

The cute look the mum was after…
… versus the splotch of red she ended up leaving the salon with
Fortunately, Marie wasn’t charged for the disaster and the hair whizz apologised

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