WHEN you combine a Disney Channel star with Target, you get Ashley Tisdale’s brand Being Frenshe.

The actress founded her wellness brand to help formulate self-care rituals for herself and others, and one product in particular promises to influence your mood based on “scent technology.”

Ashley founded her wellness brand Being Frenshe in 2020, which is only available at Target
The Mood Boosting Perfume Discovery Set offers five different scents to try
Victoria Montalti/The US Sun

Ashley Tisdale founded Being Frenshe in 2020. She created the brand because she discovered how beneficial fragrances were on improving her own mental health.

The Target-exclusive products, which are grounded in the power of scent, range from shampoos and moisturizers to candles, body mists, and more.

But I was the most intrigued by the Mood Boosting Perfume Discovery Set, which retails for $17. It nearly has 5-star rating on Target’s site.

The sampler set includes five different scents in tester size bottles, which make them easy to store in a purse or travel bag.

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According to the product description, each scent is infused with “Mood Boosting Scent Technology” and essential oils, which promise to “instantly impact your mood.”  

I was hopeful that these formulas and ingredients would offer a therapeutic effect, beneficial for my own sensitive nose. So I put each scent to the test on a WFH day (in case I got riddled with headaches).

Before I started my work day, I tried the Awaken & Uplift option. This “citrus amber” scent includes bright citrus, blooming neroli, and golden amber. A full-size spray is also available at Target for $15.

When I sprayed it, it immediately made me feel alert because of how strong it was. It smelt as if I had stuck my nose into a bottle of orange juice, which is by no means bad during breakfast time.

I noticed that it smelt just as strong and fresh around 20 minutes later, which proved its staying power and quality.

Later in the day when I felt a bit stressed and riled up, I knew I needed to center myself again. I was excited to try the Soothe & Comfort perfume.

This “cashmere vanilla” scent includes vanilla, Jasmine rice, and sandalwood, which notably has pain reliever properties.

The Being Frenshe perfume set is highly rated on the website

The first thing that came to mind when I sprayed it was that it was delicious. The subtle aroma gave me the feeling of warmth and coziness. It smelt more like homemade cookies than artificial cupcake icing.

Once I finished work and had to run errands, I needed a pick-me-up, so I chose the Joy & Bliss option next.

I’m migraine-prone and often get headaches from strong smells, so this scent actually terrified me.

The “solar fleur” perfume includes blooming gardenia, coconut milk, orange blossom, and sea salt. I knew just how strong each of those scents were on their own, never mind when combined. 

I remember thinking that it smelt more like a laundry detergent than a florist shop, but it was just me trying to be positive, because five minutes later while I was out, I got an awful headache.

Each scent was pungent as soon as I sprayed them
Victoria Montalti/The US Sun

This was the strongest and most pungent scent so far and was definitely the closest to what you’d expect from a perfume, while the previous ones were more similar to apothecary scents.

This didn’t give me joy or bliss. It actually gave me a two-hour migraine

Later in the day it was time to try a new perfume, and I was very hesitant because of the previous one’s effect on me.

But nonetheless, I tried the Balance & Harmony “bergamot cedar” scent, which includes bergamot tea, cedar wood, and fresh grated ginger. This option is also available in a full-size bottle for $15.

Surprisingly, it transported me to my teenage years when walking into a Hollister store and being hit with its infamous cologne. The musky scent was more woodsy and “masculine” than any of the previous ones.

The Balance & Harmony scent was very musky and nostalgic for me

Then at the end of my day, I finally tried the Unwind & Rest option. Described as “lavender cloud,” this appropriately includes lavender along with milky sandalwood and sweet cardamom.

Lavender is beneficial for minimizing headaches and clearing sinuses, which I can personally attest to, so I was excited to try this scent, which is available as a full-size spray for $15.

I hoped that this would relax me, but shockingly, it was much stronger than I anticipated. Just one spritz was already overpowering.

The Unwind & Rest spray was much more overpowering than I expected

For something that’s supposed to help you unwind, it felt like it was actually waking me up. But while it definitely didn’t aid in helping me fall asleep, it also didn’t prevent me from sleeping.

These five scents were definitely hits and misses for me and my sensitive nose.

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While the product is intended to add into your daily wellness routine, I can only picture myself using the Awaken & Uplift citrus scent and the Soothe & Comfort vanilla scent again, since they were more subtle.

But overall, the mood boosting scent technology is fascinating to me, and I do think many people would enjoy these perfumes.

I was excited to try these perfumes, but some of them were way too strong for me
Victoria Montalti/The US Sun
I can see myself spraying the Awaken & Uplift perfume on gloomy mornings

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