A DIY TikTok is stacking up views as a crafty content creator shares a clip of an incredible storage hack.

Windycitycrafts1, posted her budget friendly storage hack which has since gained almost 3500 likes and over 700 saves.

The DIY content creator uses plastic serving trays and plastic storage containers in this hack
The hack can save hundreds of pounds with each item costing just one dollar

The video shows the TikToker in the party section of the American budget store, Dollar Tree. 

She can then be seen stacking plastic serving trays on top of plastic storage containers in the aisle of the shop. 

“Place one of the storage containers down, and then one of the serving trays right on top, it fits perfectly. 

“You can stack these as high as you want them to go and let me tell you, this is a game changer for storage”, she said in the clip.



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TikTok users were quick to respond to the video, with some even suggesting improvements to the clever hack. One user said, “Love this idea! I wonder if you could glue wood to the bottom one and attach rollers?”

Another said, “You can spray paint the trays to match the storage container.”

Some people were not sold on the idea however, with one user commenting, “You just can’t put anything really heavy in them. Stick with super lightweight items.”

One more replied, “It will break in one day!!” to which the creator said, “Put lightweight things inside not like HEAVY cans or anything”.

Windycitycrafts1 has over 14k followers and frequently posts crafty clips of her creating DIY projects with Dollar Tree items.

Some of her videos have racked up over 80k views as TikTok continues to be a goldmine of DIY and craft videos.

According to TikTokHashtags.com, the most popular DIY hashtags are #diy #handmade #n #art #doityourself #homedecor #design #craft #love #woodworking #crafts #sewing #decor and #homemade, which have over 356.6k posts and 15.6 billion views overall.

The TikToker says that you can stack them as high as you want
This is how the DIY storage unit will look after being stacked three times

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